Hey everyone
Im going to buy a new rig this summer when I earn enough cash and I wanted to ask for some advice
Currently I`m using the roland cube 30 amp and Ibanez grg170dx guitar..both are great but I think it`s time to move on so I fell in love with the Ibanez RG2570E Prestige model:
and I`m about 90% sure about buying it..I play Muse, Billy Talent, Papa Roach, Metallica, Green Day, Nightwish, Rage Against The Machine, Him, System of A Down and similar stuff..so will this guitar be appropriate for this kind of music? Cause I already went to the local guitar shop and tested it and asked every possible question about it and I`m very enthusiastic but I wanted to make sure if its a good choice
But for the Amp I really have no clue on what to buy, cause they make cubes till 60 watts but my new amp will probably have to be something like 120-150 watts..I play in a punk rock band and we`ll probably have concerts in the near future so it has to be nice and big..money probably won`t be that much of a problem..
Tnx for any possible reply!=)
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How much is your budget? Need to know that before we can get started. You say money isnt a problem but if i post up 4,000 dollar amp 1,000 cab and 3 grand in pedals i bet your gonna change your tune...
Randall rm100.

'nuff said.

that is....IF you can afford it since money's not a prob. i think it's close to like $1600
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Quote by Rokkec

\cause they make cubes till 60 watts but my new amp will probably have to be something like 120-150 watts...
Tnx for any possible reply!=)


Right now youre using a solid state amp. The wattage and sound output in a tube amp is WAY different.

A 30 w tube amp will probably be twice as loud as your Cube 30 right now.

I have a cube and its great, but a tube amp is much louder.

Get a Mesa F-50 combo?
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Sorry guys, forgot to reply earlier...my budget is probably gonna be 2000+ euros..since I live in the EU
Yeah I heard there is much difference between a normal amp and a tube:P
Ive been looking for the mesa`s but cant quite make my mind about it...
Well distortion that sounds something like the roland cube`s rectifier if possible, but if possible the clean channel still sounds solid
Well, the Cube's Rectifier channel is based on a Mesa dual or triple rectifier. You will probably swallow most of your budget on it unless you go used, but the difference in tone from your current guitar will be phenomenal, and then you can just save up if you really want a better guitar.

There are cheaper alternatives to the Mesa Recto though.

But believe me, you do not need anything over 100 watts, or a halfstack. 50 watts of tube is loud enough for anyone who isn't playing Woodstock any time soon.
I`ve read about the mesa dual and triple rectifiers and yeah they are very expensive
Well a new guitar is my priority..But if Ill buy a 1000 euro guitar and still have my cube 30 it wont deliver the sound that it can that`s certain..anyway Im gonna ask around for the mesa rectifiers...prefferably used

And are the DiMarzio pickups that are especially built for this model of Ibanez, high end or do they fall behind with the other Dimarzio`s?:P
At least 3 of the artists you name use Mesas, so I'd go with that.
However you might want to spend a bit more on the guitar and get a better one, since that Ibanez you linked isn't great.
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Better then the RG2570?
Well its almost the most expensive Ibanez in that store..the more expensive models are the signature ones but I dont like em and are too expensive:P
These Ibanez guitars are the ones that can be bought in my music store and are even more expensive, but I kinda prefer the 2570 more:

Oh and tnx about the hint with the mesas..yeah its a strong possibility I will by a mesa=)
Living in the EU id definatly reccomend an Engl screamer/thunder combo or maybe a Blackmore head and a framus 2x12 off thomann if you want to get a really loud amp. With 2k to spend you should just be able to get the guitar and a quality amp.

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Hey tnx alot for the feedback
So Engl and mesa are the 2 finalists..But what about the ibanez rg2570..whats wrong with it if anything..?=)
Rg2570 rocks man, very solid choice there. Great looks, great construction and hardware infact the weak point is probably the pickups. But, that is however, a matter of opinion as some people like em some people replace them(infact most around here replace em) . As you are buying a whole new rig id hold off on a pickup change till you are well used to how the amplification sounds then you can make an educated descision as to what pickups will tweak the sound you are getting to what you want to achieve in the long run.
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Oh oky Rg2570 definitely is the winner then..I`ve been playing since summer last year so I`m kinda between begginer/intermediate...and in the future will proably buy a couple of other guitars so I`m really new at pickup preferences..so I`ll stay with the stock ones as the sound of this guitar mesmerizes me as it is and is a great improvement over my Gio Ibanez=)
End the ENGL setup really impresses me...Ill take a look on youtube for some demos or some other sites..tnx alot..cheers
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Since you're in Europe, look at Laboga Amplifiers. Their model 'Mr. Hector' is voiced similar to the Mesa Dual Rectifier and they're significantly less expensive than the Mesa's (even in the US, where Mesa's are cheaper and Laboga's are expensive).
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Never heard of those but I`ll take a look...ty for the heads up!=))
The new Kirk Hammett Randall Modell Amp Head will run you about 1600, but comes with all the tones that the metal man uses in most of his songs. That would be good for your style, not to mention it is a beast and has eight tubes in the head! I want it bad, but can't afford it. So the best thing I can say is go with a randall amp, i really like the soud that they can produce, and I play generally the same type of music as you.

The distortion is okay, but for the metal songs you may want to grab a metal pedal or a super distortion song. I personally love the amp. Also A Wah Wah, Bob Morely or Dunlap Cry Baby. Depending on the sound that you would want and if you play Rythmn or Lead.
I would also suggest a overdrive pedal too, with distortion i found it can give you an awesome solo sound.
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Oh I just saw the video of Kirk Presenting this amp head..it looks really nice..A friend of mine who is a shredder also thinks randalls are a great choice cause of their price/quality and other pro`s..
I already have a Jimmy Hendrix Wah and it sounds great even with my good ol` cube!=)
Anyway..I guess I`ll look up for randalls(tubes) cause they seem great amps
Which is more important..buying a better guitar or amp..or which is more crucial in my case?
ty for all your replies
Laney and Bugera are also worth looking at - forget Mesa though, they're out of your price range.

Laney GH50L bundled with a cab is is 999 euros


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Hey tnx..these amps on your links look pretty good too
It looks like laney`s are available in my country so I`ll ask about those too
tnx alot..but stil don`t know what is more crucial to my playing experiense..a new guitar worth 1000 euros..or a new amp worth just as much