One night when he comes home and is asleep crawl into bed with him....naked.

I had a friend do that to another friend and we videotaped him waking up. It was sooo f*cking funny you don't even know.

Do it

Read 'Em =]
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Quote by Våd Hamster
Glue all his footwear to the wall.

Then put a claymore mine in his bed.

Cause nothing says "SURPRISE!" like an Area-Denial Antipersonnel Device.
glue things to the ceiling like his stuff, if you ve got a bunkbed thing when he is asleep stab a knife into the pillow/bed right next to his head, and glue knives to the ceiling above him, If they fall and hurt him id didnt write this.
rape him

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Throw his weighted companion cube into the incinerator. Don't worry, it won't hold it against you.
if you wanna burn your school pretty hard....

get 3 goats, paint a 1 on one, a 2 on one, and a 4 on one. let them loose in the school. see if they can ever find number 3.