Demo1 on my profile. I'm not asking for crits or comparisons, just would like to hear what comes to your imagination when you hear that riff. It's very, very quickly recorded.. like ten minutes. Timing is off in some part but did it mainly to see what you guys see with it. Again, don't bother telling me I suck at recording cause I already know.

I've heard so far that it sounds like an epic Roman battle, Russian winter, a endless desert, and Siberia.

This riff is for an untitled song my band is working on, if anyone is wondering. You can check us out at myspace.
to be honest it sounds like a bunch of dirtbags bangin on drums and playin guitar!!!!!!!!
ok no need to be sarcastic you ****in walrus head. it sounds like i dropped a chimpanzee into a meat grinder that was jammed with skittles!
it sounds like the riffs I used to come up with when I completely sucked at guitar.. I'd think they were cool at first and then later on I'd realize how bad they sucked..

what comes to my mind.. well like nothing.. except for a pretty awful riff..
you asked what comes to my imagination.. but the riff just sounds real flat and empty..

sorry man, don't go getting all pissy, I told you what I thought..
I'd just scratch that riff..
Bullet For My Valentine's The Poison featuring only 3 chords. one being D5 palm mute.

then again, i just spent like an hour tabbing out a song from that album... :S
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