Ok, so when I sell my Les Paul, I'm looking to use the money to fund the purchase of a new Fender Telecaster, but I'm spoiled for choice as there are so many variants that take my fancy.

I've narrowed it down to the following:

Mexican Standard Tele: Good value, a real Tele.
Lite Ash Tele: Good pickups, nice light weight. Good value.
Baja Tele: Good value again, versatile tone as it has the s-1 switching system.
72 Custom: Versatile, looks great, "Keef" vibe.
Highway 1: "American Made" Nice spec, and finish. Varying prices mean this can be picked up at a bargain price of £440, when some places are trying to grab nearly 200 sheets extra!

I play through a Blackheart 5w half stack. I play an eclectic range of music, all of it very poorly, ranging from country to hard rock and anything in between. The only thing I haven't tried my hand at is metal (in a more modern context, at least).

My favourite bands and influences range far and wide - too many to mention, but I know some sort of Telecaster is going to suit me.

The only other guitars that have taken my fancy are:
Epiphone Casino
Epiphone Dot
Epiphone SG-400, or a Gibson SG Special
Gretsch Corvette
Gretch Duo Jet
Hofner Verithin

That being said, none have really got a hold on me like the Tele has.

Help a guy out. I will be trying these guitars out, but if anyone can give me a heads up on which they think is best and why it would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Greg
I don't know why but i've always loved the epiphone dot, its a really nice guitar and it just feels good in my hands, but to be honest im not really sure about all the teles. However i have tried a lot of epiphones and i think that the dots the best choice from those 3. Dont go the g400, its a step back from what you have atm
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Id say go with the Lite ash telecaster, ive got one myself feels great the pickups are great, but you know just have a feel of em all and see what you like
I've heard the Lite Ash is an excellent value for the money. And I've always had a soft spot for the Casino...

However, we've got a thread here that's devoted entirely to Teles, um, search for "Telecaster Alliance". They should be able to help you more than we can, they know their stuff.
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^ +1. As for myself, standard are the standard. And Nashville teles are sweet too. 3 pups in a tele kinda feels like blasphamy though hahaha.
I own a Highway One Telecaster and I'm totally in love with it. The finish is beatiful (subject to preference ofcourse) and the satin finished neck with jumbo frets just play amazingly natural. I say try one
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I think from your list the Lite Ash and the Highway 1 will give you the best "proper" Tele vibe for the money, whereas the Custom does offer you something a wee bit different (and has the added Keefness factor )

As from the other guitars you mentioned, a well built Epi Dot, with some mods, would make a great all round (rhythm and lead) guitar - I personally love them as a mid-range substitute for the ES335, one of my fave guitars ever The Casino is a lush guitar too, I was thinking of saving for one, but tbh it does depend largely on your style - whilst it is an awesome bright woody sounding guitar thats perfect for rhythm guitar and 60's style riffing, it lags significantly behind the Dot and the Teles as a lead guitar, due to poor upper fret access and unimpressive sustain. Its your call.

Have a look at some MIJ Teles, such as these


MIJs have a wonderful reputation as having superb craftsmanship and amazing value they're worth a punt anyway.

Please let us know what you think TS
The Baja Tele for sure, the bridge Broadcaster pickup is great. Also, the Hofner Verythin is a little out of the price range of all the other guitars you're looking at, right?
the light ass with birds-eye maple neck...

or... a Tele Thinline... sexy as hell