Hey, I've been a big fan of Killswitch since I first heard them in 1999, but on the dvd theres a part where Randy from Lamb of God is talking about selling their songs and one of em goes

...do do dooo do Almond Joy....

right sung just like that :P anyway...anyone have nay idea what the name of that song is? Because I have their WHOLE Discography and cant find it anywhere.
Somehow, I don't remember that part...

Is that the only part of it he sings? Was he just endorsing a candy bar?
It was where he was talking about getting indorsements for the band...one of them was 'This is Mikes Hard Lemonade" to the tune of my last serenade...and then the almond joy one. It's been driving me nuts forever.
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I thought you meant this *star wars image*

but the nu metal forum is the place for this

The Slave One?
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hardcore sorry

aye its based around a modified KSE firespray


Now I understand the reference
yeah hardcore forum,...and i have no clue.
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I reember hearing the song a LONG time ago...when Jesse Leech was the singer. Or it might be a figment of my imagination...