The reissue/remaster of the demo material, Demon Entrails, comes out tomorrow. Anyone else exited?
I would be more excited about the reissue if it hadn't been re-mastered. Hellhammer isn't supposed to have 'nice' sound.
I find it odd that Tom Warrior seems to have changed all his opinions on Hellhammer all of a sudden...

Still, Apocalyptic Raids and Death Fiend are two of the best pieces of black metal recorded.
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Yeah, i'm super "exited"

lol, i'm just playin.

But, seriously, if I could get it here, I would buy it as soon as possible.
At a local metal shop near my house they had a first edition copy of Demon Entrails on vinyl.

It was like $300 though, fuck that.
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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
That would be nice to have, but $300 is way to much. I plan on getting the cd next time I go out.
Sorry, i meant to say "Death Fiend" not "Demon Entrails".

Wtf, whatever Hellhammer's very first demo was.
Get baked, study theory.

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Why are you bringing Cm into this?
I'd be very worried about the mastering on this new cd. I'm yet to here a metal cd mastered in the last 5 years that has all of the dynamics intact. This will be another "compressed to f.uck" release that sounds nothing like the original.
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