Poll: Should I spend my life savings on teh new riggz0rz?
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View poll results: Should I spend my life savings on teh new riggz0rz?
11 35%
No, save up seperately!
17 55%
No, that rig is horrible! I'm going to post with a different suggestion!
3 10%
Voters: 31.
I've been looking at a few things to buy recently... And realized it's going to take forever to use my temporary savings to buy it. I have like $4500 in the bank, so I can use that, but I just wanna know if you guys think I'd be better off saving up for it seperately and keeping my savings.

My parents are decently wealthy, so I don't have to worry about car/college, just fyi.

Anyways, I'm looking at a custom Carvin DC145C that's about $1500, a Peavey JSX head which is $800-1000 here, and maybe an Avatar 4x12 or something, which I can grab for around $500.


Opinions? Advice?

EDIT: My current rig is a B.C. Rich Beast, a Peavey Rage 158, and a Digitech RP350

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I thought I was good for university too, turns out I have to pay for half of it.

I say get a job before you spend big, or at least give yourself a good buffer you can fall back on.

EDIT: Sorry to be a party pooper.
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I'd suggest not getting the rig until after college. Or even later, with college loans, if that becomes a problem

TBH, I suggest just waiting it out. Use your savings to buy textbooks so you can take a little weight off your parent's shoulders. Hell, if you do it right, you could end up getting your rig in several consecutive birthdays instead of all at once.
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Just to clear things up, I'm in highschool, not college. And I've been using this rig for 2 years, I NEED to change. It's horrible. I'm not asking if I should buy it or not, rather HOW I should buy it.

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Get a job, you bum! Or get a summer job, then you should make decent enough money for that stuff, right?
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Get a job, you bum! Or get a summer job, then you should make decent enough money for that stuff, right?

Yeah, colleges like the experience anyways.
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Get a job, you bum! Or get a summer job, then you should make decent enough money for that stuff, right?

Laws for child labor are uberstrict.=[

I am getting a job as an umpire, but that will pay only like 300 over the entire summer.

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You serious? That's mega-balls man. Couldn't you like smuggle drugs or something? Maybe acquire some that "fell off the truck" and sell it straight up. You could probably buy your rig that way.
But seriously, I'm pretty stingy. If you buy that amp, you won't be clean broke. Are your parents even okay with you spending that much money?
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I don't know, I'm sure I'd have to talk with them about it. Actually, now that you point that out, they don't really like me playing instruments (pisses me off majorly sometimes, but that's another story for another post), and they might resent the idea of a new, larger amplifier.

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Sounds like a bad idea to me. You said you are in high school but how old are you? Even if you say you're set for college you never know what could go wrong. I would say don't touch your savings because there will probably be a time when you REALLY need it and then you won't have it.
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if you're not old enough to get a job (you have to be 15 in ohio) do you really need all that gear? I mean honestly. Are you even in a band?
If your parents are really wealthy and will pay for a car and college, then go for it!
On the other side, if you are poor like me, save it .

its a good idea if your sure about the free ride from your parents through college. i suggest something like this (this is just what i would get i dont know your playing style so i'll go for a versitile set up.)
this amp head http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Marshall-JCM2000-Dual-Super-Lead-100-Head?sku=483127
this for the cab http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-V212-2x12-Speaker-Cabinet?sku=609500
this guitar i just found out was reissued http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-RD-Standard-ReIssue-Electric-Guitar?sku=515665
and spend the rest on an asortment of pedals and such.