Anybody know how long you have to wait until you can smoke after getting your wisdom teeth out?
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We, the Pit, are all doctors and will all give you a different answer.
because you got them out, because of smoking,
till they grow back in.

The more you smoke, the more singed the cavities will become.
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if your talking about smoking buddah, i would hit some of that right after getting my wisdom teeth out, to ease the pain
but if your talking about smoking ciggerettes i would just quit that all together

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You want to be completely healed. When a coworker of mine had hers taken out she waited a few days before smoking again but she ended up ripping out some of the stiches. She ended up with dry socket which i have been told is very painful. I had no problems but it was about two or three weeks until i was healed. I would at least wait that long if you can.
its about two weeks, the main idea is too prevent sucking on things, so you could probably start as soon as you can drink through a straw without any pain.