phrygian dominant = sex
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Another name for lydian #2 I think, its the 4th mode of the harmonic minor, so yeah it would be that..... i think
The chromatic scale.

Seriously though, if you want to make up "unique solos on the spot", you can do it with the major scale. Moreover, no scale is going to give you a universally...whatever it is you're looking for sound. There will be some degree of "memorization" involved assuming you want to be more than a one-trick pony.
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I like the "G learnyourtheoryn00b" scale.
You win 1000 internetz. Following scales dogmatically is for noobs.

If there is a "best scale" though, its pentatonics. Pentatonics are sent by god to make us happy, its proof he loves us. Perfectly consonant, used in all civilizations (except arabic and australian aboriginal) and made of 5 notes (5 being the most sacred number).
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I like the "G learnyourtheoryn00b" scale.

noe it soundz moar metalz in d!!???!!1onoeneleven