I own a Yamaha Pacifica 012 and Cube30x, and I was thinking to make a huge jump to a Schecter with EMGs, but I read a couple of time that you need a really good amp for the emgs, otherwise they will not sound as good as they should....anybody knows a good practice amp that would be suited for emgs?

I have an orange tinny terror wich sounds great with my jackson dkmg with emgs add a super overdrive and you got a great rig
and I could use the cube as a speaker for the tiny terror? or Ill need a proper speaker?
No, dont worry about it you should be set, out of curiosity which schecter are you going for?
Damien, Demon or Hellraiser....moslty it will depend on which one ill aford...... so the Orange is an option....anything cheaper? :d
my valve junior sounds pretty metal with my esp viper and a boss metalcore pedal. If you don't have a high budget it works pretty good. If you can find something similar with an eq i would get that.