Ok so i want to make a cover to upload onto youtube. I can get my video fine with my webcam, but i cant seem to get a good studiolike sound. Does anyone know how i can get a good sound by either using a webcam to record or plugging the guitar directly into the computer to record. How do you guys record youtube covers, because i know there are people who can do it fine with just a webcam
if you want to record yourself playing, i wouldnt use a webcam... i would just get a camera... webcam audio in general sucks
Webcam should only do the video...get a basic video production software like Adobe Premier Elements or Avid (if it's still free). Record your guitar as normal, then stick the sound file with the video, trying to sync them together (a good idea is play a single note before performing to calibrate).
but i have one other problem too, i want to record the background track playing from my computer in the same sound file with my guitar, or should i just first record guitar then combine with backing and video?
No, you can be recording while performing...that would be best. Just have a single track in your music software/DAW armed for your guitar playing, while another track has all the backing stuff. The end result will be your cover, which you'll stick to your video.