I was trying to record something using windows sound recorder... but it records in 60 second intervals, each time 60 seconds are passed you have to click again in record to continue recording and that affects the recording sequence... so how can I record things without having to click again each time the 60 seconds pass?
Try a free audio recorder instead like Audacity, since you'll gain the ability to edit your audio after recording, or use multiple tracks at once.
However, if you don't want to use Audacity (and I can't see why you wouldn't) then just record silence over and over until you have about 4 minutes or so , then just return to the beginning and record.
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Thx for your help. I already have audacity.. but its in my desktop in a small room. I want to record my band So I could use my laptop cause I dont want to unplug the desktop and the room its too little for a band to play and record...
I'm surprised you didn't think of installing on the laptop.
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thats what i use 2. lol
you let the thing record absolutely nothing for the 60 secs, and then save it, so it is a no-sound file that is basically there for the space. save it as "time" or something so you can get it quickly. then make a new file, click "edit", then "insert file". double click the blank file you just made. that gives you 60 secs. of record time. so do it again, insert the "time" file, then you have 120 secs.
see where I'm going with this?
just keep adding blank files until you have the amount of time you need.
then press "record" on your new, long file and you can record stuff! =)