i was just wondering if most people use a pedal or just the amp distortion, especially with tube amps like mesa/marshall.....and why you would use a pedal over the amps distortion
It depends on the amp and on how much you like the distortion on it.

I don't use one, rather I use an EQ pedal with a boost to bring out the treble in my gain channel more.
i shape my amps distortion with an EQ and if im feeling really ballsy i hit the TS-9 for a bit of a tighter sound. that means i have to hit the NS-2 and then my little brain can take no more.
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so amp with a overdrive makes sense, dist pedals for like a amp that doesnt have distortion
pedal for distortion. Start with a nice clean sound and build the distortion off of that base
depends on the amp... mines od sucked so i got a pedal, also their is a small difference between od and distortion. so to sum all this up it depends on what music genre you play and whether you like your amps od/dist or not
I'm playing on a non-tube amp so I need a pedal to get my desired crunch.....but I made a mistake and bought the Digitech Death Metal with no Gain nob....I still love how crunchy it is....
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i loved my lead channel's distortion on my crate. but the fender Frontman that i had i had to get a pedal. its Dist was too twangy.. so was the clean. i ended up with a digitech RP-300 to correct the twang.
Considering the amp I have (its in my sig) it doesnt have the greatest drive channel, you can get amazing bass and trebel on my amp, but getting a good (or little at all) amp distortion is tough to acheive. So I personaly prefer using pedal distortion. Like other people said though, it all depends on the amp.
I use a Boss OS-2 with the drive all the way off because I love the distortion out of my amp... have it set to "overdrive" side more than distortion. I don't like the mids on my amp, so I cut the mids down and use the pedal to "beef" up my overall sound, but yet have it cleaner sounding..... if that's understandable

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I use a Ibanez SD 9 distortion pedal because I don't care for the distortion channel on my Peavey MX amp. I use a 1973 silverface Fender Super Reverb for cranked tube amp sound, (can't find a pedal that gets that sound, only a cranked tube amp will do it) but it's not full distortion, more like overdriven, sounds great though. The MX is really clean, I use the Ibanez pedal through the Super Reverb sometimes, but usually it's through the clean MX. (I use both amps onstage with an A/B switch so I get both really clean and el rauncho deluxe)

I also use a Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive pedal, that gets the Super Reverb somewhere between cranked to 10 tube amp and outright distortion pedal. Hit a wild vibrato and it warbles like crazy, I love it...Don't need that earwax anyway...
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I use four different tones, Clean Crunch Distortion and Overdrive. Clean Distortion and Overdrive I take from my amp (Peavey 6505+) and the Crunch I get from my Marshall Guv'nor pedal.
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i use the dist on my amp and a tubescreamer as a booster

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