Why do they say that car will go out of production soon? I don't understand how the G8 can replace it. First of all, it'll be a lot more expensive. Second, it's rear wheel drive. Third, the styling is way more European. I don't think the cars are even in the same category and personally I like the Grand Prix more.
because car companies always do that ****.

they have HUGE departments of people who survey the general public and extrapolate where they think the buying trends are going to go. then they give that info to their designers and they design what they think people are going to want to buy. show it at an autoshow, gauge reactions, and put it into production.

it's a much larger process than you think. it's not like one day some CEO showed up to work high on PCP and decided to get rid of the grand prix.
The G8 looks like a BMW/Jetta ripoff to me. IDK man, not fair is it? Personally I don't really care because I don't plan on ever owning a Pontiac.
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the grand prix was annouced to be cancelled in 2008 like 5 years ago....get with the times people

and yes, the G8 is not in the same class as the grand prix, just that grand prix manufacturing lines will be replaced by G8 lines. understand?