Yeah thats what my myspace says anyway. I posted a short little demo of this song before, but now I have the full verison. Tell me what you think. The song is "Paths".

One As Many
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i thought it was pretty sweet. i liked the guitar tone. just adding a little reverb helps thicken the tone, and i think a lot of people go wrong in that when doing just a guitar + vocal recording.

one thing id suggest is, even though its mellow music, try to put a little more oomph in your voice. after all, "comfortably numb" was mellow but there was a lot of attack and punch in his voice when he sang it. also, try to work on making those high notes. they sounded pretty thin, and you kind of "slid" into them slowly.

all in all, i thought it was good and had even more potential.

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Thanks man. The vocals are something I've been really trying to work on. And yes I have a very limited range.
the song is cool.

personally i would try to work more with the dynemics. i would try to make the song louder (and heavier) and then come down to the slow part again.

did you youse a metronome to record your guitar? The beginning sounds a bit off. i think you are picking a little too fast sometimes ;-)
Well I wasn't exactly going for heavy. Yeah I used a metonome. It all sounds like it's in rythem to me.