Hey I have a Marshall MG 50 DFX amplifier that has been giving me a constant headache. I turn the thing on and it makes a really loud crackly feedback and I have taken it in to the authorized marshall dealer to get fixed 4 times and every time I take it in the guy turns it on and it works even though it was not working an hour before i took it. Then I have had it sit there for a month every time and still working but the day i take it home it does the same thing. I have tried different chords, different outlets everything. It does this regardless of any instrument being plugged into it and no matter where any of the knobs are. I've also tried in different houses and towns and still does not work, only in the shop lol. Does anybody have any suggestions for making it give off that feedback at the shop? I am getting extremely frustrated because each time I take it in they take the thing apart and look at everything and according to them it works perfectly fine as far as they can tell but there is definitely something wrong with it. I am almost down to sacrificing my cat for it.
its an MG, get over it
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sounds like bad cables bad cables. Have you tried different cables? or maybe your input jack inside your guitar doesnt have a solid connection.

this kinda post would be better in the guitar gear and accessories forum.
But you also gotta remember mg's are very low end amps made out of some very cheap parts too
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that is really ****ed up ------- try using a friends cable or just sell it and get a crate (imo they are better than marshalls and are half the price
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that is really ****ed up ------- try using a friends cable or just sell it and get a crate (imo they are better than marshalls and are half the price

Yes, get a Palomino. Great amps!
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its an MG, get over it

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