so i softmodded my xbox today just for kicks

and becasue i want to play emulators on it (you know, put it to actual use other than the large black box collecting dust)

however, whenever i stick the cd in containing the roms and all that, the damn thing freezes up on me

i thought, well maybe it's becasue it can't read burnt discs or something

not quite, it reads almost all of my other discs.

So then i thought maybe it was just becasue it was a data disc

so i popped in another random disc with some zip file on it, and it read it just fine

So basically, i'm peeved becasue it won't read the disc with the information i actually want to stick on the machine.

anybody run into anything similar and/or know how to fix it?

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I would FTP the files over to the HDD if I were you. Just my suggestion. That is what I did, but I put in a 300 gig HDD and had tons of emulators and roms.
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i would FTP them too... if i didn't have a crap modem for my internet

basically it only has the one output for ethernet.

i needz a hubz

from what i understand, at least.

which is why i resorted to cd's and all that

so, assuming i'll forever be poor and not be able to afford a modem with multiple outputs, is there some magic spell or something i can cast on the cd while it's burning or something to make the xbox read it so i can copy my damn games?

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*brings thread back to life*

ok i spent all night trying to do the FTP stuff by connecting my pc ethernet card directly to the xbox's

i read somewhere that you need a crossover cable, and i have no idea how to tell if my cable is one. I'm assuming it is becasue it says right no the plug end "X'over"

is this just a brand name or is it really a crossover cable?

anyways, i phail'd hardcore at all of that and my xbox is still freezing up when i put certain discs in (like the disc with my emulators and hte disc containing xbox media center and all that)

another thing. when i hook the xbox up to my modem and set it up for that, i go to check for updates. it says a new one is available, so i click download.

the file downloads, however once it reaches 100% it gives me some **** about "can't contact server" or something

any clues?

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Custom P Bass (in the works)
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