i had thought of all
the ways i might express
how you've made me feel

as the weeks went by,
i imagined myself assembling
a thousand words.

i would write
then present them to you
along with a single rose.

the thoughts kept me as warm
as your embrace.

but watches and calendars
have no meaning,
unless you look at them.
yet the days continue.

just now i looked.
the meaning is all too clear.

six minutes past midnight.
the shoppes are all closed.
i have no flower
and not at thousand words,
only three.
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i have no flower
and not at thousand words

you sure that's what you meant to say or is it a typo?

This was nice if nothing more. Heartfelt and nice. I liked it.

I apologize for a lame comment but I'm not sure if you want real critiques on this.

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It's good for a Valentine's/love type thing but (and I'm sorry if this is harsh), while it was cute, it's utterly cliché and overdone.
I have to say I liked the flow in some parts though and you had some subtle rhyming now and then which really helped the piece.
I thought the ending was weak. I don't know if you were serious with the 'SomeoneWhoLovesYou' but I didn't like it at all. The 'I love you' was cliché, but at the same time it really fit in the piece and if you consider making this into a song and playing it for someone it *might* work. Also, it's been a while since I saw those words fully written out in a poem/song, but that might be just me. I usually avoid this kind of stuff.
I liked the calendars/watches stanza.

I can go over this line per line, but I guess I'd have to use the word 'cliché' a lot. Let me know and I'll gladly do it but for now this is all I have to say.

Please have a look at this, if you can be bothered.