I have already searched extensively on google and could not find any decent arpeggio exercises. Could anyone here possibly point me to some or offer me some that they have made? Thanks.
Go to the main page (guitar tabs - top left link...click it), type your magic word 'Arpeggio' in the search bar and then select to search in 'Lessons'.

Hey presto, you've discovered the search bar.
I love the Ebmaj7 arpeggio. You're doing these for sweeping? If so, another great one is _m7. You can do that one anywhere. I like playing the _maj7 arpeggio in the Eb position (at the sixth fret), though, because all of the frets are well spaced. They're not too far apart, nor are they too close to one another. So I like practicing it right there. Anyway, these are the shapes I play:



The first is the Ebmaj7 arpeggio. The second is a Cm7 arpeggio. Each of these positions is really good to practice in because you're not getting all cramped up with your hands. Also note that, if you're just starting out with sweeping, the Cm7 arpeggio will be easier to play at first than a Cm arpeggio. It may be more notes, but you don't need to focus on rolling your fingers at first (though you will need to learn it at some point). That's what I did with them, and I think I'm decent at sweeping.
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