it looks pretty cool to me, but the thing itself is ugly... and for 10 bucks its not bad. Because there is no reviews or comments on Musicians Friend id like to see if any of you guys have any idea if its good or not.


also im not a big fan of stepping on my cord and unplugging it, but im not sure if it will work cuz the plastic clip could easily break do to tension ( well it looks that way)
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looks like a usefull think to have while playing Live.
I would probably work good,unless you plan on holding the cable in your hands and pulling hard as you can.
they work but its not worth the money. just loop your cord around your strap.
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I think that was made more for like an in-wall adapter for a sound room than something you would put in your guitar. You COULD try it in your guitar but you would probably have to route out a cavity for it.
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