Hey guys, I've been hearing a lot of opinions from my friends that Floating Bridges are nice to use but, are a pain in the butt to restring and tune...Some even say, they spend more time on tuning their guitar,than actually playing them...And these guys use the Original Floyds and the Edge pro I think...So, what do you guys think?Personally, I love wanking the tremolo bar and expressing myself with it...but when it goes out of tune, it becomes a bit of a pain...How bout you guys?
it can be pain for someone who is inexperienced.. it took me a little bit to get used to (using an original floyd rose) but once you learn how to restring it and tune it and set it up correctly its great. the most difficult part is getting the strings stretched out to the point where they are stable, which is when you lock them in place. I love floating bridges just as much as more traditional ones. it provides a much different feel than a hardtail.
really dude. i say get an ibanez with an edge pro or ZR tremelo system. traditional floyd rose style, but they are A LOT more reliable when it comes to tuning, you just need to get used to working the fine tuning knobs. AND the edgre pro you dont even need to trim the ball ends. i think they are better overall systems too. another thing ****ty about floyd rose style tremelos, it if you change the gauge of the string or tune it differently, they go nuts! but you just need to work with the springs. and if your going to invest in one, make sure you think your gonna use it alot. hope this helped.
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Thanks,I was thinkin of gettin an S series guitar or RG2550Z with the Edge Zero...If not, I'll stick with waiting for the SV5470..
"Some even say, they spend more time on tuning their guitar,than actually playing them."

they must not play very much or don't know how to string it.

sure it takes longer to restring...cus you have to lock it twice!..... some ppl are just lazy, ... ha

it takes me like 15 mins to string my FR...big deal..

just to help you out....i love my ofr....i can abuse it and it stays in perfect tune.

just dont forget to stretch the strings and such...some ppl dont realize that and it makes a huge difference
yeahh, i think its all about getting the hang of it.

once you learn it all, it only becomes a small hassle.

but if you aren't playing any music that needs it, then its just a burden.
If you are going to use it then it is totally worth it.
-If you see someone else doin some cool EVH tricks you'll probably end up wanting one.

-Its good to have one or 2 guitars with a floyd
like other people have said..at first it takes a while to get used to the process of stretching strings/altering the spring tension and the fine tuning..but once you're used to it, its no harder than a normal bridge..

I love the ZR tremolo on my Ibanez 520ex..I'm not a big whammy bar user..but it just keeps tuning uber tight when I'm in drop C/drop B

that and it means the moment I want some dimebag or satriani style divebombs away I go
Haha thanks for the feedback guys, yeah, I remember the first time I tried to restring my guitar even with a fixed bridge, it took almost an hour.....LoL,now I take about 5-15minutes...