Wasn't sure where to put this. I heard that it was bad to tune a twelve string to an open tuning like open c. Is this true? Anybody heard anything like this, or had any personal experiences?
Well many people do it...(Like John Butler).
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Well many people do it...(Like John Butler).

+ a billion

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I have a 12-string acoustic and, although its not very good, its fairly ok whatever you tune it to!

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I do it all the time, sounds great

that or Eb

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Probably better off asking in the acoustic & classical forum
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My 12-string is in dropA at the moment.
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Well many people do it...(Like John Butler).

Alright cool, I was at the Guitar shop playing ocean, by john butler and thats when some dude that worked there told me open tunings weren't very good for twelve strings.