man u know wut realy bums me out? there r a lot of really good songs that i'd like a bass tab for, but half of the power tabs or guitar pro tabs dont even hav bass lines! actually, theres song songs on here that they dont hav a bass tab to at all! and that really bums me out! also, some tabs say that the song uses like 5 strings, when realy, the bassist who wrote the line only uses a four string! that dissapoints me too!

hey, could some1 give me like, a four-string bass tab to Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots? when they play that live, their bassist uses four strings, not six!

actually, wut i'd mainly like to hav is some more Stabbing Westward bass tabs. AND THEY ONLY USE FOUR STRINS ALSO, SO PLEAZ DONT MAKE THE TAB FIVE OR SIX!! i'd like 4-string bass tabs to songs like Nothing, Lies, So Far Away, and Happy (and BY THE WAY, whoever posted the bass tab to "happy", ITS NOT THE TAB TO HAPPY!! its actually another So Far Away tab!)

I'd really appreaciate it, thanx, whoever can help me out!
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ummm mudvaynes bassist does use 5 and some of his stuff is much easier on a 5 hence the tabbing in 5 string standard
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you can easily change the tab from 5/6 strings to 4 strings in guitar pro or power tab
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I'm trying to take a diversion away from tabs and work things out by ear because I think it is much more beneficial and you're not relying on an inaccurate tab. So yeah, I'd try to use your ear more, and when you've got the main root notes or triads, etc, you'll soon get the rest of the song.
I actually really like it when the guitar pro tabs dont have the bass parts, because then I have to work it out for myself. Its easier than just working it out from a recording, because at least this way I have the guitar tab to work from...
umm.. dig into your pockets and buy a.. dictionary to learn how to spell. then go out and find the bass tab books to learn it as accurately as you want.
Tabs are an interpretation. If the writer plays 5 string, they will write it to make it easier for 5 string.

Personally, I think this is just a lame attempt at requesting tabs. Go to the Tab Talk forum.
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I understand how an inaccurate tab can bum someone out. The fact that you start ripping on people for trying to tab something out and tem getting it wrong really is the best they could do I'm sure.

It's not the easiest thing to tab songs and just get them up here. If there isn't a right tab for a song, try to figure them out by yourself or...

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Wouldn't the tab forum be better suited for this?
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o wait, theres a "request tab" forum page? i didnt know that. and sorry i havnt been on in a while. the reason y i went crazy is because i got sick of finding 5 or 6-string tabs when i'm hoping for just 4, and also, finding that theres like no tab at all for a certain song i want to learn. i'v seen that some of u suggest doing it by ear. i usually learn by ear except for stuff that sounds really complicated, like that song i said before "Interstate Love Song" by Stone Temple Pilots, and some Stabbing Westward is kinda hard to do by ear. thank u all for telling me that there is a "tab request" room. sorry its still like my second time on this account.
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