Inspired by a Message from Venom edit this:

into something like this:


Washburn RB2500 (5 String)
Yamaha BB400 Fretless (1981)
Carlo Giordano 3/4 Upright (White)
Cort Action 4 (Stereo-fied)
Orange Bass Terror 500
Orange 1x15 Cab
Boss GT-6 Bass Multi-effects
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I demand a link to the original of that juice man!!!!!!!!!!!

Please dude haha.
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LesPaulMarshalls ace!
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LesPaulMarshall, you friggin rock!
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It's pretty hard to find someone as hardcore as Tom. The race for hardcore supremacy would be pretty close but i think Tom's got his nose just in front for now...
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Not as cute as you, Distorte.

"We're here to make coffee METAL. We will make EVERYTHING metal. Blacker than the blackest black times INFINITY!"