wat kind of pick ups should i get cus ive heard that emg are one of the best

i ask this cus i got some money to get a new bass and i want a SPECTOR

only if emg pick ups are decent

i play loads of kinds of music but mainly metal and funk
I've got a Spector Legend with EMGs recently and I do really like them. Only, I've not tried them out in a proper jam/ band environment yet, but they are pretty hot pickups as you'd expect on a Spector. I'm sure they'd suit metal, but maybe the Spector will have a bit too much mid- high end for funk, because it's not the best bass for lows really.

But the only way for you to really know is to go to a shop and try them out. I think a Fender Jazz would also suit you, although I picked the Spector over an MIM.