well ive had this crack since for like, almost a year now? and it hasnt gotten any worse. but is there anyway to fix it? ill post pics up later. the crack is like on the back....across the headstock at the end, where the neck begins.
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Without pics it's hard to say. Probably can be glued and clamped, how to go about it depends on where the crack is, how deep it is, how much gap you have to work with and what tols you have available. At the heel where the headstock joins the neck is a tricky spot to deal with because it's difficiult to get a clamp to hold, and it must be clamped, that's a necessity.

If it's not actually broken off, it may be possible to squirt enough wood glue in to do the trick with a syringe, then clamp it, especially if it cen be carefully wedged slightly open so you have some room to work. Otherwise it can be drilled with a tiny drill and penvise and glue squirted in there, or forced in by hydraulics using something like a paper clip to create pressure and force the glue into the crack.

There are ways it can be done, but how to go about it is difficult to say without seeing it. I'd say take it to a luthier and have it checked out. If you're not good with guitar repairs you can make something like this worse.
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