Oh, I caught grooverider 45 first and I like it a lot! You've got some cool beats, man.

The guitar on that one is pretty wicked sounding.

I thought I had critiqued hardline before... but maybe I listened and forgot to post. The guitar tone is sick for the low part! The soloing is too loud for the mix, I think.

Damn I love the beat on 232!!!

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232 - Excellent beat. Nice how its a kinda ambient song --- wow, guitar solo, well played, but I can't say that that kind of of guitar playing is my style. You should definitely complete this song.

Hardline - That guitar is interesting, i found myself jamming along. Liking the synth bass or whatever it is. The solo is well done, but like I said, its not really my style.

Sounds like you got something good going with this instrumental project.

thanks for critting mine.

EDIT: By the way, I really like how you combine analog and digital
Hardline: I like it - its very intense. The solo guitar that comes in at 1:32 sounds a little overbearing; however, i like the L-R panning, it makes it sound that much more intense. Other than perhaps lowering the solo guitar, its a solid song nice work.

232: Sick beat man. I love the intro part it makes my whole desk shake. I'm impressed with how well you mix all the different tracks you must have a pretty nice setup. Anyway, i really like this one i dont have much to improve it. Nice