really liked the chord progression of everytime but it would benefit from better guitar tone. also, some real drums as well as vocals would really help.

the guitars in the second sound a lot better but again, it sounds like a backing track. needs vocals in my opinion. is that a picture of your band in your profile? you should really do some proper recordings, even if it's just a lo tech live recording.

anyway, i'd really appreciate some critique as well:
Everytime is pretty sweet, really upbeat. Very British(where you are from lol) Original but you draw from your influences I like that background guitar with the chords but just like Agreth mentioned its a bit rough.

Carry on: I like the violin-esque intro, but the guitar seems like it could be a bit more dynamic. Maybe a lead over it, something with a lot slides. Vocals would be awesome in this song and nice palm mutes in the verses.

crit?: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=786634
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