I'm looking to buy my son a guitar, and saw some Greg Bennet "S" series "Malibu's" on sale for a fairly good price. Is this a good guitar to learn on, will it play ok?

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my friend used to have a greg bennet music-man style guitar, it was actually really really nice. Very solidly build and played like an upper model guitar. I'd say go for it.
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Hm a guy I know bought a left handed model. It's a very shortscale guitar; easy to play so depending on your son's age, which, since you're looking for him, I'd imagine he's young. Good for small handers and nonetheless versatile. I think it's a better choice than a Peavey Raptor or a special starter pack. Which exact model is it?
Thanks for all the great answers and advice. He's actually 27, so not that young anymore . I'm excited though that he's interested in playing, I think his friend's Guitar Hero game has some influence as well.

As for the model, we were looking at the Malibu, it's a Starburst pattern, and seems to be a very solid guitar. The one thing I notice is, and maybe it's just me, but the doesn't feel like wood. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid body (not hollow inside), and very sturdy. I'm assuming they constructed it out of poly-plastic or fiberglass components. Can the tone differ between wood and non-wood guitars.

Thanks again for all the great advice.
I have the Malibu and it is a great guitar for the price I bought mine a year ago on sale for $100 but I have also seen them for $200.00 The neck is decent and easy to play the only thing I had against it is the ends of the frets needed to be filed down or you will slice your hand open sliding up the neck. Far better than any Squier or starter guitar that I have played and it is wood just has a really thick coat of poly on it
If they charge for it spend the extra money and have it set up before bringing it home and I think he will be more than happy with it.
The distinctive headstock also seperates it apart from all the other strat clones for looks and you actually do get diff tones from the diff pick up configuratons. Buy it with confidence if the $ is right.
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Wow, Goldie93, thanks for the great review. Ok, I think we're going for it. The shop owner offered it for $249. This includes the Amp, setup, gig bag, tuner, strap, and a lifetime replacement for strings. I can remember breaking alot of e strings, so that may be a good thing.
Yes, and also, try to buy a semi-decent amplifier so that the tone will be good.

So he is just starting guitar then? It should be a good buy, and I agree, the frets can be sharp and may need filing. Either than that, the neck is really short. What other guitars did you look at?
American Spirit was the other guitar (off Ebay). Looked like a nice guitar from the pictures, but for $79.00 we were alittle skeptical at the quality.
Got one here, left-handed version. Anyway it is a decent guitar to start with. I know because I just started 9 months ago. I'm going to get myself a new guitar tomorrow though because the pickups are pretty weak and the looks aren't anything special. But a pretty good guitar to start on none the less.
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Well, that's really good to know, because my Wife is getting bit alittle now too. Kinda like a Guitar family I guess, and she really like the Pink one that Ebay had. Maybe a stupid question coming now, but would it be worth it to just replace the pickups? Or would a good set of pickups cost almost as much as new guitar?

Thanks again to all , this is a really informative.