Am G F G Am
hands shake from the cold, worn down to the bone
your humoring me.
Am G F Am
soul shrivled and old, your white as a ghost
see straight through me.

Am F C G Am F
(C)wrechted screams they call for me, im falling down
G F Fm Am F C G
further to home, see my reflection, its startling me and i Am G F G
cant seem to let go.Take my hand just guide the way,
C Cm Am
and promise you wont let go.

(II)hands shake from the cold, they're black as coal
your running from me.
soul bitter and worn, tattered bits on the floor
mirrors no way to see

(long time no see, i decided to go in a new direction so here is a first attempt at somthing worthwhile, at the very least, its good for playing in the dark ~_^
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Vin Diesel was once asked if he believed in the idea of reincarnation. His response was simply "I used to be a plate of pancakes."
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