The title says it all! This is an amazing amp, go straight to guitar gear and accessories and try and find a single perosn with a bad word to say about it. This is in literally mint condition, never gigged, it still has the cool british flag tag on it, its had light home use and its been taken care of very well, as befits such a beautiful amp! I will insist on pick up only (from Manchester), I dont want to send this beauty. Im asking for £550, take it or leave it, dont argue or I will break into your house and poo on your floor.

Diezel, Motherfucker
I would love to get this but to travel over seas..
probably could find one in Nor cal.

550 in euros(how much is that by the way)in USD?

Nice telecaster aswell
Itunes podcast!
search DJ Shi

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Dude? Its in pounds, so, over 1200 dollars, Im not sending it though. Thanks anyway, I guess!
Diezel, Motherfucker
to be exact
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Its In Pounds For Gods Sake!!!!!!!!!!! Why Can No-one Understand This????
Diezel, Motherfucker
Quote by mh400nt
Its In Pounds For Gods Sake!!!!!!!!!!! Why Can No-one Understand This????

If you were willing to ship to the US...I'd take it in a heartbeat.
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Shipping to the US will be madness, money wise, Id feel harsh asking you to pay it!

But yeah, bump.
Diezel, Motherfucker
Yeah man, its a beautiful sound! Im selling it because it needs to be on stage really, I use my mesa for all live work!
Diezel, Motherfucker
Arent you the guy who got scammed on eBay? Did you get your money back in the end? I see you managed to get a Mesa in the end!

Good luck with selling your amp anyways
Yeah man, thanks for remembering me!!! You are the guy who likes maximo park I got a single rectifier in the end, the head version. Also I never sent that guy any money, so he didnt fully scam me, just german chancers!
Diezel, Motherfucker