hey guys ive been playing guitar for arround a year now and i have been using a borrowed amp i think its about time i bout my own one. im about to get an epiphone les paul custom and i play mostly heavy rock and metal music. i also want to build my own pedal set so effects arent really a problem. i am how ever wanting a tube amp and my buget is arround £150 any advice of what would suit me and wqhere to look for it would be greatly appreated.
The V16 would work for you, or the Blues Jr. with an OD pedal, as well as the Epi VJ.

Thats about it if you want tube.
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i was thinking more allong the lines of marshall ive been using one and i like it and i know a lot of the bands i like the guys use marshall stuff so would a marshall combo be worth looking into?
not a hope in hell of getting a decent valve marshall for 150 quid mate.
your only basically gonna have 5 watts to look at, maybe 15 if you look second hand.
have a look at the ones suicidal_brick mentioned.
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If by Marshall combo, you mean a Valvestate or an MG, then you're probably not going to get tones anywhere near those of the bands you like. Also, unless you're running them through the clean channel, any extra effect pedals you get won't sound very pleasant. I don't believe you can get a Marshall tube combo in that budget range, but I'm not sure what kind of prices they go for across the pond. Used MIGHT be possible.

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yea its just for practice in room when i gig i use the in house stuff or hire it if its something we have organised so im just basically looki9ng for something to use in my room and i like the idea of a tube amp