I have noticed when I place my Amp (Vox AD30VT) on my floor, the sound has an incredible boost in bass response. But, when I elavate it off the ground useing a thin, wire stool, the bassiness is gone and there is more 'thinness' to the sound, with more trebly and less punch.

Is there a common concensus on to how an Amp should be placed in a room?

Even so, Im sure its nothing a little EQ couldn't fix, but just to make sure...
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A lot of what you're feeling is just the reverberation of the floor as it's directly touching the amp. This really isn't noticeable if you're more than about twenty feet away and shouldn't be a determining factor in how you set your amp up for gigs. If the amp is elevated, the speakers will project the sound higher and can be beneficial when trying to balance the sound in a room. Of course you can always add an EQ, it's never a bad idea.
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the bass soundwaves are the slowest so they tend to dissapear faster in the ground, so when you put your amp on say a table, you will keep more of your bass, this IS proven and it's really obvious when you try it yourself


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The low frequencies bounce off the floor in front of the amp. No floor = no bounce.
I think amps sound better when they're closer to ear level, anyway. Something about the way the sound bounces around when on the floor just doesn't feel or sound as good as when you put it on a cart or amp-lifting thingies (someone tell me the word and spare me the shame).
if its on the ground, more bass will be prominent, i have my amp slightly elevated, but more importantly, slanted, pointing directly at my head, so i get as much sound as poss with little volume. very important in a band situation
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