Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I couldn't find what I was looking for.

So I am interested in putting some new pickups in my standard strat. I would like to throw a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup in the bridge position, however it is going to require cutting my guitar to fit a humbucker in where the singe coil used to be. I was just wondering how much work this entails, I am definitely not going to attempt this myself, so if someone know a rough estimate of cost I would appreciate it.

Also, if the cost or amount of modification to get the Hot Rail in there isn't feasible, anybody have a good single coil alternative?
i'd recomend getting a humbucker that fits in a single coil possition, Duncan makes some really good ones. Janick Gers of Iron Maiden uses a strat that looks stock at a glance but is actually HSH because he has to single coil sized humbuckers. Come to think of it I thought the hot rails was a single sized humbucker, that or they make one that is single sized.
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I'm using my squier body to mess around with and when you take off the pick guard, there looks to be enough room there for a humbucker, in bridge positon anyway, not positive on this. So I'm just gonna screw a humbucker to the wood if it fits (with some sponge or somethin beneath it) and cut the pickguard to the same size as the PU. Don't know I'll re-post when I get home and check this out.

Then after I get it right I'll get a decent body and I'll know what to do, no point wrecking a perfectly good body when you can wreck a squier instead
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With the pickguard off you'll know if there's room for a full size 'bucker in the bridge because the 'hole' for the bridge pickup will be way bigger than the 'hole' for the middle pickup.

ValoRhoads brings up a good point about the single coil sized humbuckers from Seymour Duncan. I don't think they sound 100% like their full size brethren, but they sound real close, and if it's beef you're looking for at the bridge, they deliver the goods.
Thanks Valo.... Actually you are correct, when I looked on another site it noted that it was a humbucker that fit in a single coil position. The first site I was on just noted it as a humbucker, so I assumed it wouldn't fit. My only other concern is that I'm going to have to go ahead and replace all the other pickups in my strat because the hot rails is going to be so much louder than the rest!
Bridge pickups are generally 'hotter' than the neck pickup because they need to be to have the same volume as a neck pickup.

The neck pickup being closer to the 'center' of the strings doesn't have to be as hot because the strings vibrate more. At the bridge where string vibration is at it's least, you need a hotter pickup anyway.

Unless you have very weak stock pickups, i'd guess the difference in volume you hear when switching between the neck and bridge position will be marginal at best.
No, the hot-rail is gonna be way louder than the stock pups. I'd look into getting a lil Screamin' Demon. Got one for my 60s player strat and it's awesome for heavy rhythm, but isn't super loud.
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