I have quite an old squire strat that was my first guitar many years ago,

for a while now when I go to play it it will be out of tune but when i tune it up the strings will pull the bridge off the body causing a huge gap between the strings and fretboard

has anyone else ever had this?

is there a way to stop it??
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I'm assuming you have a tremolo on the Strat. You'll most likely need to remove the back plate (if it's still in place) and tighten the screws. How many springs are in there right now? Another spring might possibly be in order.
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if I can remember correctly I think there are 3 springs on the tremelo of a squier, yeah so try what the poster above said, do you have other guitars now? have you ever tried to alter the squier by putting a new bridge on it? maybe you could do that
i remember tightening the springs a while back, i will try that
pink floyd are better than you
Either tighten the screws or the strings gauges are too high. That was my problem a few months ago.
I just had this same problem on my Yamaha. I tightened the springs and it fixed it so hopefully that'll work for you.
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