I'm moonstoned back and front again,
These visions of you never end.

Struck by a girl i'd like to know,
She never seemed so frail,
Wonder where she got her looks from,
Her skin was vampire pale,

I'm moonstoned here and there,
I'm moonstoned once again,

A fox,this red one,a wild one,
She charmed me up and down,
I'd like to know where she went that night,
After she left me lying around,

I'm moonstoned like a ragdoll,
You get the point.......................
moonstoned is what the mood's stewin?
the thought of your levy booming has got my static brewin

I dont know, moonstoned sounds cool, I'd come up with more things that could fit the idea of moonstoned. It conjures the ideas of a wolf howling at the moon and things like that..