uhhh... try getting off the computer and relaxing in bed with your eyes closed?
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uhhh... try getting off the computer and relaxing in bed with your eyes closed?

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what time is it over there

It's 11:32 am. I didn't get much sleep last night and all I feel like doing is jamming but I don't have the energy.
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If you get what I mean.
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this happened to me for like three weeks and basically what you gotta do is just try and sleep and if that doesn't help get up and do something, but do not eat and do not watch tv or get on the computer, and keep trying to sleep from time to time, i'd start trying at around 10 to get to sleep and get up after an hour if i still hadn't managed to sleep and i'd usually end up getting to sleep around 3 in the beginning and around 5 in the end, and waking up at 12, also in the beginning, then by the end i was waking up at around 7. cut down on caffeine, get some reading done (books) play the guitar, stuff like that. but stick to three meals a day, i didn't and that's what made it last, i'd come and have a meal at around midnight or one and then your body thinks it's morning and time to start the day. as for ending it, for me it just went away. simple as that, one day i was finally getting to sleep around 5am and waking up at around 7 the next i was crashing at 10 or 11 weather i liked it or not and waking up at 12 or 1pm.

if it gets really serious you can get pills for sleeping, but do that if it doesn't go awy in three weeks because you start to get really depressed after a while with no sleep.
benadryl or nyquil
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its 9:00 Am i havent been to bed yet. i dont think il sleep today.
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