Though they're great we all probably know that Fender and Gibson are a tad overpriced.
I was wondering which brand and model out there people though was the best value for money, especially unknown brands.

ps if any gay little 16 year old swears blind that his epiphone les paul guitar is the best value in the world cos its all he's played, im going to rape him.

I would go with a Dean guitar ML series or Hardtail.Me knowing UG there is going to be a lot of kids whining and crying about the razorback or how Dean guitars are overpriced.
I'll +1 Schecter, and also say that Agile and the other RondoMusic guitars are great values also.

I'm kind of on the fence about Laguna guitars. They seem like great values for what you get, but I haven't played one enough or seen enough people buy and like them to pass any real judgment.
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Epiphone standard+ are excellent value.
So are MIM/MIJ fenders.
Schecters are nice and also Yamahas.
yep, if you can find me a guitar under 300 bucks where you can get Seymour duncan pickups, grover tuners, jumbo sized frets, rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and mahogany body, id sure like to know
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Anything thats used and MIJ/MIA are always great values on long lasting, quality guitars.
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yep, if you can find me a guitar under 300 bucks where you can get Seymour duncan pickups, grover tuners, jumbo sized frets, rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and mahogany body, id sure like to know

thats uhm kinda impossible
save up
I'll +2 Schecter, additionally might take a look at Michael Kelly guitars incredible fit/finish, quality electronics and he's getting some good publicity now with some recent signed artists.
my epiphone les paul is the best because its all Ive ever played!!! lol.

but really epiphone from standard and higher are good.
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I've got one word for you, and it's more valuble than all above: Edwards
I feel Schecter and some of the mid range Ibanez guitars are pretty good for the money.
I think Jackson offer good value for money.

Sure the US models cost loads and the JS range is pretty weak, but the Japanese made stuff is great with decent LFR's and Seymour Duncans...
Schecter guitars are worth a lot more than what you pay for.
Schecter as an overall brand by far. Some other companies may have some guitars out that are great for the dollar, but Schecter in general is just amazing for what you pay for.

Also, since Jackson's been bought out by Fender I kinda got a little weird about them and their foreign models, but that's just my opinion.
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I feel that 75% of the Schecter line is great bang for the buck.

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Epiphone in general, but especially the higher end Epiphones such as the Elitist series. They are pretty much the same as Gibsons except a poly finish instead of nitrocellulose
-Jackson Pro Series - good wood, good hardware, Duncan Pickups, tremolos are liscensed (which UG seems to hate) but they work perfectly
-Ibanez are all good value for money, just look out for the Edge 3 trem. Its knife edges wear out with use, so I heard.
-Fender MIM and MIJ guitars, Standard series especially
-Hagstrom. No-one knows them, but they're actually quite good
-Agile. Never tried one, but feature-wise, they're amazing
-Cort. Everyone thinks they're a beginner's brand. They actually offer great instruments in any price range.
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-Hagstrom. No-one knows them, but they're actually quite good


Wow i thought i was the only one. Swede FTW
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sorry to repeat stuff, but yeah the schecter diamond series are just great value. esp the damiens and omens
id say esp/ltd or ibanez r the best bang for your buck because u get above average quality stuff on their guitars mostly while the guitars are mid range priced
esp guitars are great for the price and their custom shop is incredible
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