I have recently acquired a Johnson JG-TR1, Trailblazer Travel Guitar. The guitar has a 24 3/4 inch scale length with 22 frets. It is very similar in size and shape to Washburn's Rover. Although similarly priced, the Trailblazer cannot be compared with the quality of construction, appointments, and sound of the Rover. There is one other problem with the Johnson Trailblazer and that is the subject of this inquiry. It does not come with a case/gig bag. The company provides a flimsy nylon bag which offers no protection at all and limits the opportunity to actually travel with the instrument. Can anyone PLEASE tell me where I might look for a gig bag to accomodate the Johnson JG-TR1 Trailblazer travel guitar? If you're not familiar with the instrument, it can be viewed at http://johnsongtr.com/Trailblazer.156.0.html. The company was no help at all stating that "we don't really make a case/gig bag for this instrument." They suggested looking at cases/gig bags for an ocatave mandolin or a bazouki????
Thanks for any help,
Is anyone aware of someone who makes custom gig bags say for instance, for a small travel guitar? I'd sure appreciate the help.