year: 1996

model: fender strat (id like the specific model just so i have that piece of mind)

specs: fender lsr roller nut, fender lace sensors (1 blue, 1 gold, 2 red (the red are wired as a humbucker)), there is a switch (apart from the pickup selector) that turns the 2 red single coils to humbucker or 1single, fender locking tuners, pearloid pickguard and back plate, it doesnt have a string thru body but has a floyd rose

i bought this guitar used about 2 years ago at a Guitar Center...if i recall correctly it was $900 including the tweed case i bought so about $850 for the guitar itself
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well what does it say on the headstock? made in usa?mexico?
also, theres a serial number on the bacl of the headstock, run it through the fender website or something.
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Hmm, thats kind of alot for what you paid, you could tell by the headstock or the neck plate.
i already knew the date cuz it says N6 which means 96' i just wanted to kno the model...i guess its a fender ultra?