hey guys, i've just really gotten into acoustic, and i want to know if you guys recommend any under around.. under 700-800$ cdn. i want a pretty bright tone, and want it to look really nice. thanks guys. also some brands models to check out next time i go to a music store
EDIT: would really like it to be an Electric/Acoustic
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look on ebay for Lindo electro acoustic guitars, they're about £60 and look killer, you just have to get used to the slightly wider than usual neck
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The stratacoustics are really cool. The bodies are really sleek and you have 21 fret access. OH MY! Its a really efficient practice guitar. You can practice your electric licks on the higher frets and it doesn't sit all goofy like a dreadnought. The only downside is the tone is just average its not very powerful but it does have electric capablites if you want to plug and play. Hope this was useful.
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look on ebay for Lindo electro acoustic guitars, they're about £60 and look killer, you just have to get used to the slightly wider than usual neck

Christ, I hope you're kidding. Thread starter, take a look at some acoustic-electric Alvarez guitars in your price range. I assume you're going to be performing, and that's why you want electronics, right? If you're not, then I wouldn't bother with an acoustic-electric.

EDIT: Also, don't get a Stratacoustic, they sound awful.
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I absolutely love my Martin, I spent 500$ on it...and to be totally honest it sounded better than most of the "higher end" guitars at guitar-center. Atleast IMO, then again I'm kind of biased. :P
Also agree that the stratacoustics are well, not the best sounding.....
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Just like Cheers said, if you won't be performing, don't bother with an electric-acoustic as acoustics of the same price would sound much better.
I agree about electronics. If you only use them occasionally where sound quality isnt so important then don't buy electronics, just go buy a soundhole pickup. You can get much more guitar for the same price.

As a canadian, I believe in supporting our economy. Seagulls are amazing. Their build quality is amazing, they have good versatility because they sound full yet bright(somewhere in between a taylor and a martin), and they have a wider neck to help you throw out clean chords more easily. The electronics that you can get are also really good. Godin's Q2 system has a gooseneck mic mixed with a transducer so that you can get very natural sounds. The Performer Series Seagull is right in your price range and is an absolute joy to play.

Personally, however, Seagulls are not for me. They just don't suit me(guitars are quite a personal affair you see). In your price range, I would most likely get a Guild GAD series guitar. Most likely the GAD 40. If I'm correct, they should use fishman electronics, which are always excellent. They sound brighter than Seagulls and are more Tayloresque.

These two guitars are both excellent choices that I would suggest to anyone. Like I said, I would go with the Guild, but my brother would swear by Seagull. Guitars are really a personal affair.