Poll: What's your favorite Mars Volta album?
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View poll results: What's your favorite Mars Volta album?
Tremulant EP
0 0%
De-Loused In The Comatorium
15 48%
Frances The Mute
7 23%
3 10%
The Bedlam In Goliath
6 19%
Voters: 31.
My favorite album is De-Loused In The Comatorium.
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Wrong place mate, post it in the bands/artist section.
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i don't know thats tough i mean i love love de-loused but Bedlam in Gloaith has definitely grown on me, as taking my number 1 spot.
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Francis the Mute for me. L'Via L'Viaquez and The Widow are both amazing tracks to me.
i took bedlam, but that and frances are basiclly a toss up for me. there both awesome. i havent heard the tremulant EP or amputechture yet, so i may change it later.
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Wrong place
But of course Deloused is gonna win
That was the best album ever made
Iv listened to it over 300 times and it still surprises me each time with something new i hadnt heard before
but thats everything they put out
still, its amazing
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I was de-loused in a comatorium once....

Fun times
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i don't know thats tough i mean i love love de-loused but Bedlam in Gloaith has definitely grown on me, as taking my number 1 spot.

right off the bat I really didn't care for too much on this album, but metatron really stood out at first as the best track then wax simulacra which is like 2 and a half minutes of complete fury got my attention and right now cavalettas gives me a boner. I love this cd, it's absolutely ****ing amazing
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