Poll: Should u play a solo in a cover that has no solo
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keep the integrity of the song..AS IS
4 10%
IF you are feeling it...YEAH!!!
32 82%
Play as is..afterwards..play the solo
3 8%
Voters: 39.
When covering a kick@$$ song that doesnt have a solo..

Is it ok to make a play a solo anyway?
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I believe Jimi Hendrix did it in just about every cover he did... And when there was already a solo, he did another.
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No , that would be crazy.
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Paul Gilbert 2 Become 1 cover anyone?

That's one hell of an incredible cover.

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Yeah! Sometimes it sounds good with a solo If you're covering the song, you shouldn't try to make it EXACTLY like the original. That is not very creative.
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