Currently I own two different Line 6 amps one at home and one at the place I practice alot(yes I know they suck blah, blah, blah... I have read tons of different flame Line 6 threads already). So here is the question:

Do I buy the Line 6 FBV Express Footswitch so I can switch to different amp setting which would take advantage of some of the settings I paid for and will work with both of the amps I have? The down side being it hooks up with a RJ-45 cable so the pedal will be no good to me if I get a new amp sometime.

Or do I get a distortion pedal (this is the only effect I am aiming to get right now). The plus on this would be I could use it on anything. I don't plan on getting a new amp anytime soon though.

What would you get? What would sound better?
I would get both. Footswitches are good. Pedals are good. If you can only buy one, get the distortion pedal.

More Pedals = More Combinations = More tone options = Unique Sound.
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well a pedal would probly sound better than the distortion on that amp, so i'd go with a pedal
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Thanks guys.

A distortion pedal is cheaper too.

Anymore feedback would be much appreciated.