As the title says, I recorded a new song, well actually it's an old song, I just re-recorded it and I was hoping you could check it out. .

I mixed the intro and the song together but they'll be two different tracks on the album, I just didn't want to upload several tracks.

So, the song is called Awaken & Forgotten tales, it's on my profile, check it out.

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it's good

it's very good

I love your production techniques as well. It's all very clear and the guitar sounds perfect. Much better than the fuzz that most guitarists make
really interesting stuff. the only thing i'll suggest is to give the piano part a bit more feel by either playing it in or by adjusting the velocities of each note. it sounds like it's been clicked in....which makes it sound a bit plastic. good to see an UGer who's willing to experiment with different styles and production techniques. keep it up.

i'd really appreciate it if you critiqued my song as well:
It's always good to hear people doing their own Symphonic Metal stuff, i tried it years ago and it's so much fun!

Intro, great atmosphere you have going on. Great riff when the guitars come in, really tightly played too. I really like the progressions you have going on! Maybe try and get some kind of counter melody going on there at like 1:45 to mix it up a bit? Nice change with the breakdown at around 2 mins. 2:30 glad to see you had fun with the double bass drums!! You've got pretty good chops as well! Keep it up mate

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=787279

also on my dmusic page in my sig is the power metal stuff I did, check out 'The Battle of Narthosis'
Thank you guys.. I'm going to work now, I'll crit your songs when I get back, no worries..

I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.