Alright so I think I have narrowed down my list to two set of amps. On the higher price range I am looking at the

Traynor YCV40
Peavey Classic 30

On the lower range:
Peavy Valve King 30
Palomino V16

I have a Gibson Lespaul Studio and will be playing mainly Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam and some clean Matchbox Twenty kind of stuff. Don't need anything for metal.

So what does everyone think? Is there a big enough difference that I should go with the higher priced ones or do you think either of the lower priced ones will work? Oh, and btw, I am a complete beginner if that makes a difference.

classic 30 for me - the valveking is 50 watts - too loud to crank - well the ones i know come in 50 100 versions...
I've never played the Traynor.

The Peavey is a spectacular amp, but I think you'd need a pedal to get the voicing/gain for G n' R. Probably a good choice.

The Valve King, imho, can't compete with the others in the tone department.

Maybe look into a V32 instead of the V16 if you want a louder amp. I've heard great things about crate tubes.

With all the buzz about blackhearts these days, the handsome devil may also be worth looking at if you can wait a bit.
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Jake will suffice.

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