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Hey ther UG. I'm interested to see what your school's musical instruments and equipment consists of, and also what kind of condition it is in.

At my school we basically have (only in one of the rooms):

Guitars: 2 Yamaha Pacifica electric guitars, a Squire Stratocaster, and a fake telecaster - all of not bad quality, but normally only one of them has 6 strings. There are also dozens of non branded classical guitars, one steel-stringed acoustic and one 12 string which is sweet.

Basses: A yamaha bass and two other basses - reasonably good, but again one of them is normally lacking at least 1 string.

Guitar Amps: A couple of Marshall MG's and their older version of the MG's A single channel roland amplifier (great cleans!)

Bass Amps: A 50W Crate bass amp, a small Trace Elliot (with a broken jack) and a larger Trace Elliot which wobbles.

Drums: I dunno just a basic kit probably (i'm not much of a drummer)

Keyboards: Some Yamaha PSR series keyboards and a Roland digital piano.

Other: A PA with large mixer and Shure microphones.

So overall it is generally quite good for a school (except for the MG's - it seems like the bassists get a much better deal)

So, what equipment does your school have in terms of instruments and amps? What sort of condition is it in? How does it play?
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Amps: 2 Marshall MG15s, another MG amp which I'm not too sure about.

Speaks for itself

Loada Yamaha keyboards, generic piano. Tama drum kit (I think). Numerous other things.
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Current gear - 06 MIM Strat, '02 Epiphone Les Paul, Peavey Rockingham, Tanglewood TF8, BLACKSTAR★ HT-5 Combo, EHX Holy Grail, Boss DS-1, Arion SFL-1

Newcastle (and Port Vale)
We have:

About a million keyboards
A crap drum kit
Several Squier strats with no strings
A couple of broken Peavey practice amps
1 Bass with 2 strings
2 Pianos
A huge tangle of cables (nearly all of which are broken)

I hate my school.
all we had was a no-name p-bass copy and a washburn amp with a blown speaker. i was the only person that knew how to play it.
From what I can remember about my school, they sold one of two AWESOME pianos they had to buy 3 Encore strats and 2 Xylophones. THat's how bad the budget for my school was T_T no recording equipment, but they did give us tapes so we could record our stuff onto it
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a small Trace Elliot (with a broken jack)

Such a waste. I used to be awesome.
a nice fender bass
everything else is average

'08 Ibanez S5470 Prestige
Gibson SG Special - discontinued teal finish
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
4x12 Mesa Oversized Slanted Cab
iSP Decimator
A couple of Squire strats
Some unbranded strat knock-off
Squire basses
2 Peavey Bandits (pretty decent)
2 Crate bass amps
Yamaha drumkits
124153234 Yamaha keyboards
Got on the bus with me daysavaaaa
A crap peavey guitar, a broken bass from a company called "applaus" which strings are older than 6 years, a peavy guitar amp that sounds like a drunken fly, a 15w marshall bass amp thats quite ok, a half-broken drumset from pearl with 2 broken drumsticks and a behringer PA.... well thats all...

i think noone can beat that >.<
Drums- 2 of these

Guitar Amps-
Marshalls and Fenders up the wazoo. About half are donated vintage ones, so they are pretty old and i have no idea what they are.

Guitars- The students need there own guitars for jazz band or garage band, but if you take a guitar learners course, they give you some nice classicals for the year.

Bass amps, same, excpet they are stacks and half stacks of Mesa Boogie or something like that.

Bass- there is 1 of these for every grade level
And two cheaper ones Fender for jazz band, and 2 Gibson thunderbirds for garage band.

Piano- we got this HUGE grand piano in the choir room (its very rich and design and i can't even imagine how much it cost), and 1 in each band room, and 1 in the orchestra room (4 rooms i think)
Keyboards- pretty nice stuff.

All in all, our school musical section gets ALOT of funding from parents and the board and all that. Our marching band is one of the best in Minnesota, so we get quite a lot of money from that.

Our school band is bigger than the football team and bigger than the basketball team that won the state championships last year. Plus in addition to our old gym, we got a newer gym with rubber type floors (great for marching band) and a newly re-designed auditorium area, which is probably one the biggest around. So basically, if it has to do with some sort of arts at our school, its WELL funded
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Brand new gear:

Peavey semi-hollowbody
Fender 5-string Jazz Bass
Fender Hotrod Deluxe
Fender Bassman 100
Digitech BP200
had a RP250
Pearl Vision series drumset

Old gear:
Kurzweil keyboard
Peavey Mark III bass head
2 Ross cabs (1x15 +1x7)
Peavey 2x15 bass cab
bunch of crappy classicals with 2-3 strings per guitar
5 pianos
Enforcer drum set
old crappy pearl drum set

Our gym has almost a brand new Bose sound system with i think 20 mid/high-range speakers and 2 huge woofers.
full sound system inc. mixer, EQ, CD player rack
PA system

all at a rural Kansas school...
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Digitech RpX400
Peavey Rage 158

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Guitars - 2 Fender Telecasters (seriously)
Basses - 1 Fender bass (of some sort)
Amps - Not sure what they are but 1 big Marshall, 1 bass amp (we just call it the tramp amp), and I think another 2 smaller Marshalls
Keyboards - Again not sure but pretty good for synth stuff
And 1 nice drumkit
Red Squier
White Squier
Dark Red Squier
Semi Acustic - Not sure what it is - It's busted anyways
An Elctric Acustic
And loads of other Acustics which are just thrrown to one side

Red Squier x2
Black Squier
Sunburst Squier

Amps (That I Can Remember)
About 4 Guitar amps
3 Bass amps
2 PDAs

Drum Kit
Yamaha x3/4

And quite a few yamaha keybords
Trace elliot bass amp, hondo bass and a lyon bass I assume was donated.

A squier and a crate guitar amp.

AND a Marshall Mg 250 or something. Lol, Ifound it funny when the teacher told me the only reason they have it is so drumline can plug a metronome into it.

We also have what looks to be a pretty nice pearl drum set that is blue.
my school has one electric guitar
it's a Stagg strat style
there are 2 bass amps, one good Ashdown and one crap Torque
the school bass disappeared 5 years ago and we still don't have another one
and there's one guitar amp that i've never used
Rockin' shit
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You guys all have electirc guitars in your school???

I felt the same.
As far as I know my school has:
Three basic drum kits
An electric drum kit
5 or so Squire P-Basses and a no-name P-bass copy
9 or 10 Squire Strats and an encore half sized electric
Loads of no name classical guitars
A steel string acoustic
Four pianos, I don't know if they're good quality or not
Some xylophones and glockenspiels
Lots and lots of yamaha keyboards
some macs to use logic on
a roland recording device for everything else
and I think that's about it, not too shabby.
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2 squires and 1 tanglewood guitar
1 yamaha bass, and another bass currently snapped in half cant remember what make it was though.
1 set of drums, cant remember make but there ok and not that damamged becuase only us GCSE students and a level can use them
50 crappy yamaha keyboards, mainly covered in graffiti
1 broken piano, 2 badly out of tune pianos, 1 decent piano, 2 alrightish electirc pianos.
and about 30 crappy little glockenspiels and about 6 xylophones, all with keys missing.
and about 7 crappy half size acoustic guitars which are hard to find 6 six strings on.

all the above are in bad conditioned unless noted.
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My school used to be a music school before, but now its an athletic school, even though i'm really out of shape.

Guitars- 1 fender american tele, 1 fender american deluxe strat. 30 yamaha/epipohone classical acoustic.

Amp- 2 Marshall AVTs, fender something tube amp. Several bass amps.

percussion- a hell of a lot of drums.

The band stuff- At least 100 grands or just clarinets and saxes. let alone the tubas and trombones

The auditorium is built for bands practicing/performing,with speakers and pas and everyithng
My school (or ex as I'm done with school) didn't have music equipment .

and our school spent well over enough money to make every practice room have those acoustice panels. they even redesigned our band room soo the walls weren't parallel with each other, then they spent even more money on the auditorium, all this "state of the art" microphone and acoustic stuff all over the walls... crazy
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Oh i forgot to add. Our school also has a full sized church organ in the hall if that counts, although it is out of bounds to almost everybody.
What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?
I've never paid to have a lentil on my face!
A PRS Santana (near mint condition)
a couple classical guitars
a Squier P-Bass (decent condition, a few chips here and there)
multiple pianos (1 grand and 2 standup, I believe)
a simple drum kit (5 shells, 3 cymbals, single kick pedal)
one epic gigantic drum (you could fit multiple bodies in it)
a fender PA setup (fairly nice)
a Crate bass amp
a couple keyboard amps
many, many microphones and cables
idk about guitar amps
EDIT: a huge xylophone... and that's all
wow some of your schools have decent stuff! I mean having MG's isent all bad.

My secondry school had terrible equipment though! 2 "gear 4 music" strat copys, 1 "gear for music" pression bass copys". A really old pacifica. Loads of classical guitars that mostly had cracks in them.

Amps came with the guitars. Again, terrible....seriouslys these amps SUCKED! I supose they made MG's look Uber amazing.

Now at college, theres about 5 marshal MG combos. Then about 10 other combos but cant remeber make, but there alright. No guitars, this is a college you supply your own stuff!!
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I'll put it simply, it's tits.

But we do have about 12 protools things which are industry standard. I'm not very descriptive tonight.
Drum Kit, I don't know what it is...
Some Orange guitar amps (I don't know how big, probably tiny terrors)
Most of the amps are broken, the skins on the drumkit have probably been on it for about 100 years...
pearl drum kit
never heard the name brand bass
one grand piano
two practice pianos
lots of keyboards and computers
keyboard amp (used for bass amp)
small guitar combo amp (forget the name right now)
lots of random percussion instruments
We have a few Pearl Drum kits, and two bass and guitar amps for our two jazz groups. We have a Fender Princeton Reverb for one and I use a Fender Stage 160 which is a pretty damn good solid state amp. Then we have a mac lab with midi keyboards and Reason and Logic on all computers and a bunch of high end wooden woodwind instruments and precussion equipment and about 10 sousaphones and like 8 tubas lieing around.
12 fret fury
Wow, some schools have incredible stuff!

Our guitars are all 20 years old and mostly ****

-Peavey t-80
-Cort strat copy
-Unknown strat copy
-Session Les Paul copy (plywood)
-Jackson Dinky copy (sucks ass)
-Harley Benton Acoustics (bought recently. They're ****)
-Some spanish classical guitar (not too bad)
-Squier J-bass
-Eko P-J hybrid bass (a sort of Mark Hoppus style) made of fiberboard

-Hughes and Kettner Club 50 amp (solid state)
-Small unknown fender amp (sucks)
-Dean Markeley 30-watt (tube, but not too great)
-Behringer halfstack (makes odd noises)

-Yamaha drum kits. Some are decent. Only 2 are complete.
-Zildjian cymbals. (all cracked)

We have our own studio, though, which is amazing, but apart from that, everything is pure ****
two kits (in serious need of new parts) with ride, crash and hi hats and 8 snare drums (theres alot of percussionists...)

about 10 Roland Keyboards with 4 big speakers.

two strat style guitars, one Ibanez and another No Name brand, both the pickups dont work too well (although at least the Ibanez works when plugged in to an Amp).

Ibanez Bass guitar, quite old.

For Jazz band or anything else though id take my own guitar, i mean the guitars don't work well at all, even though the amps have nice cleans.

three or four amps (can't remember the names), including quite an old Yamaha amp with two speakers and two in ports for guitars, (assuming two amps in one case).

A grand piano in our school auditorium and a couple of pianos in the music rooms.

Apart from that, the people in the band have to bring in their own instruments, (clarinets, flutes, sax etc.).

tons of bongos and african drums for the choir for some reason, and midi keyboards for with computers...

After reading this thread i realise we have it alot better than i thought...
dunno if being in germany helps that or anything...
its ****, they have every f*ucking instrument under the sun, but no guitar, or bass. It would be cool if they had guitar, then i would join band.
-Peavey Classic 30
-Silverburst Epiphone Les Paul Custom
-Squier Stratocaster
-Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer
-Fender PT-100
-MXR Phase 90
-Fuzz Face Clone
-MXR Carbon Copy
Most of these are sounding quite good.
What's the difference between a chickpea and a lentil?
I've never paid to have a lentil on my face!
Several MGs, several line 6 spiders.

Very good mics. a 32 track mixing desk. Apple Macs with Logic express/pro.

Battered up acoustic drum kit. 2 electric drum kits.

2 PA systems I think.

Alright for recording, **** for amps.

Richwood Les Paul RE-135
Ibanez RG350DX
Takamine Dreadnought
Hohner Telecaster Copy
Epiphone Thunderbird-IV Pro
Crafter Cruiser bass
Edit Making it pretty

Guitars - A Fender Strat, a Squier Bullet, about 30 classicals( those yamaha f-100 i believe)

Basses - 2 Squeir Jazz basses

Drums - A 5pc Yamaha set that i dont really use
A 5pc Tama set ( this is the main set i use, ive modded the **** out of it, at one point i had that and the Yamaha set combined ( the tomes were all diff sizes) ( its basically my set since im the senior student and only percussionist/ jazz dummer))

another 5pc white drumset, there is no brand, but i think its an older yamaha
, an electric yamaha one, its like the dt 1 or w/e

cymbals - oh my god, for a ghetto school, the cymbals are amazing. theres a pasite ride, crash, alot of different sabians, ive even got a splash. lots of stuff

percussion stuff - lots of snares, bass drum, gong and such, rototoms, granite blocks,the regular small things( windchimes, triangle, tombourine, claves bell tree, anvil), lots of mallet stuff, chimes, xylo, vibra and glock.
5 timpanis, congas, bongos, the whole timbalas and latin stuff. ( hard to put to use when theres only one of you )

other stuff, we have an upright piano
and a couple keyboards

band stuff, about 10 trumpets, 12 clarinets, 15 flutes, about 20 alto saxophones, about 7 tenors, 3 bari i believe, 2 saprano saxes, a few baritones, about 10 trombones, bass trombone, valve trombone, a few tubas, ( i believe 4) and we have like one of like all those col stuff, like piccilos, and like sapranso clarinet and thos things. yep as well as oboe too! french horns as well
no strings

we actually have 2 PA systems. About 12 Shure SM 58's, which are all amazing
billions of patch cords like that never work haha
roland cube 60
roland cube 30
peave 200 watt bass amp
and a keyboard hamd
muusic pretty big at my school, although the bands are small as ever, the shcool provides intruments, free of charge
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