so this is pretty much

huge update

redid entire solo

fixed alot of verse pre chorus stuf

made drums more intense
and just made it better

livving lying burning.zip
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Cool, reminded me of in flames kind of. Interesting Breakdown, good use of time sig. Everything flowed together very well. Maybe not the most orginal, but still pretty damn awesome. Your solo rocks hard as usual too =P. 8.5/10
While I'm not a fan at all of metalcore, I'll try not to be biased.
The riffing is solid, but that's all that can be said. The verse was nothing, to hit home about, the pre-chorus was good, but the transition from pre-chorus to chorus made the chorus sound more like an add-on riff rather than a chorus itself. The breakdown was okay, and like I said I don't really like metalcore, but I would have preferred a more energetic breakdown.

The drums were kind of a let down as well. There was pretty much no use of any hats or cymbals at all, which in my opinion can greatly add to any drum track.

So, while this song is solid and obviously isn't a just a mess of riffs, there's nothing that particularly stands out.

Hmm... the intro is good, it just seems cut off I guess. I don't know, it's hard to explain, but I think you could make it better. I liked the verse. I liked the breakdown a lot. The solo was pretty good, I liked the second part more than the sweeping though. I loved how you ended it.

I think, after reading over everyone else's crits, that I'm the only one who thinks the chorus is funky sounding; maybe it's because right now I'm listening to almost nothing but weird time signatures and 4/4 sounds odd to me now?
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

I loved the solo, I'll just have to say. The intro got me thinking of In Flames (The Jester Era). The 2 first bars of the verse reminded me of It Dies Today's 'Marigold'.
Well, on to the crit.

The drums sounded awesome. Your chorus/intro riff is also teh sick. At the end, I somehow got the feeling of the music fitting for the last boss fight of some old FF game.

I'm not really a big fan of breakdowns, so I can't really be objective there.

The pre-chorus sounded to-be classic.

The verse sounded kinda awkward.

In all, I'd say it was pretty awesome, but would sounded forever better with vokills.
Thanks for the response on my tune...and I'll say multiple guitars is huge in GP...just makes it sound better. I could tell right when I opened your song that it sounded better than most of the tabs I hear on UG...because you layer and make it fuller. So props to you for seeing the light. Hahah.

As for your tune...pretty damn sweet. I always liked something about having the first chorus fall before the first verse....dunno why...but it works. Soilwork does that a lot I know. Transitions are good and keep the song flowing. I actually like the change into the pre-chorus the best....has the offbeat guitar pattern. And the solo is real sweet. All in all a pretty solid metal track!