I've decided since I'm never happy with my guitar that I need a whole new setup. I'm going to buy something decent probably used) in the $300-$400 range. a quality no-frills set neck guitar with an easy to play scale, 2 humbuckers, and good craftsmanship so the action can be lowered VERY LOW and string tension will no longer be such an issue. Then I'm going to immediately switch out the pickups for something awesome... so what should I get?

My music styles in order of most frequently played: rock/ blues, reggae, alternative, ska, metal. Basically everything but country really.

From the neck pickup I'm looking for versatility. I want coil tapping and a smooth cool clean sound. It needs to sound good distorted too for rhythm obviously. I really like the emg-85 in my C1 right now, so something similar in a passive pickup.

For the bridge... RIDICULOUS DISTORTION. I want effortless harmonics, but not muddy. I was somewhat impressed with the emg-81 for its clarity and very low hum, but I felt it could have been a little louder and more aggressive when matched with the 85.

Am I asking too much? Something along the lines of dimarzio evolution maybe? Is there anything more ridiculous than an 81 for the bridge? What do you think?
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wrong forum. dont really know what kind of pickups for anything but metal really lol..

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For a neck pickup, look at a Gibson 490R, seems like a good choice. As far as the bridge pickup, Look at a Bill Lawrence 500XL. Same pickup that Dime used, it has a lot of power and output for a passive.
there's nothing that can top the out put or the EMG's that is passive, it's just scientifically impossible. If you want the most output you gotta have active electronics. But, we are talking passive here. The dimarzio Evo makes great distortion and nice harmonics, and is very nice clean.
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