If youre not sure if you suck...........then you suck.
i dig it man. show some confidence :P
for fans of...

Motion City Soundtrack, Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Transit, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Early November, Fall Out Boy, Jawbreaker, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, the Wonder Years, Something Corporate.
its okay.
but theres no...
i dont know how to say it
you guys dont have much spirit, show that you love the music.
other than that your not bad
You guys arent Awefull. Definately wouldnt be my first choice to listen to. I really dont like your singer. The guitar is just a little easy. I say if you like playing and performing for people then just keep doing it. As long as people listen, you don't suck. I'm just saying you are O.K. at best. Wouldn't be my first choice though.
sounds fine. not the worst. by FAR not the worst.

a solid 6.3.
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You sir, are a nice person.
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its coo if you dont like it dudes

thanks for the feedback

I admire your calm response, for one.

But work on your musicality. I hate the sound of the drums. The tone just doesn't do it for me.

Keep it going.
Dude that sounds better than most punk **** they show on MTV nowadays. But I don't like punk anyways so what do I know eh :P
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thanks guys, i also dont like the tone and sound of them, i think its mostly the snare and symbols that really bother me, weve been trying to work with all this new equipment and its been hard figuring out how to use it and such.

thanks for the feedback
I like pop-punk... good stuff! Check out my band?


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Dude that sounds better than most punk **** they show on MTV nowadays. But I don't like punk anyways so what do I know eh :P

Right on. You guys are pretty good.
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for being pop punk, you are great! the only thing i would like to improve are the vocals, work on them! pretty d*** tight too!

keep it up!!

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wow, thanks alot for the positive crit, it really tells us what we need to improve on,
thanks guys!